Pick me, me, me!!!

So back in August I entered a competition to be a 2016 MK Marathon Ambassador!

The cut off date being the 4th Sept (placeholder in diary followed by numerous Facebook refreshes!). On the 4th, MK Marathon announces they’ve been inundated with wannabe ambassadors and the result will be out the following week………..cue numerous email and Facebook refreshes (along with chaser posts!)…..I just want to know!

Then on the 15th September I got the email I had been waiting for – you are an MK AMBASSADOR!

Since that day I’ve set the wheels in motion for my journey to the MK Marathon and I’m happy to say I’ve got some people joining me along the way.

My hugely supportive family, my wonderful friends and my fantastic running club – all of which are helping me along the way! To my mummy friends Denise and Michelle, who are circuit training with me three times a week, my good friend Mt who joins me for regular runs (as we train for Dirt Half), my sister in law Clare who runs regularly with me………and truly inspires me (we’ve got Ampthill Trophy coming up), to everyone else that offers me support and encouragement by liking, sharing and commenting on my posts, and lastly my husband and son who, yet again, have to be patient with me whilst I train!

The running side comes quite naturally to me, the blogging and vlogging not so, please bear with me whilst I get up to speed with what is good reading and what is just waaaaaay too much info (my lovely running friend Harriet will tell you I’m happy to over share, especially on long runs!).

So……I’ve set up a YouTube channel for my vlogs (yup – YouTube!) and the first one is in the following link! http://youtu.be/kkosOnra-3c

Thanks for reading folks!


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